Curriculum Vitae

Jens Brøndum Frøkjær



Current position:


Staff Specialist, M.D. (afdelingslæge)

Associate Professor, Ph.D. (klinisk lektor)

Head of Research (forskningansvarlig)


Department of Radiology, Aalborg Hospital, AarhusUniversityHospital


Mech-SenseResearchCenter, Aalborg Hosptial, AarhusUniversityHospital



Personal data:


Jens Brøndum Frøkjær, born June 8th1973 in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Danish citizenship.


Education and academic titles:


2000                    M.D., AarhusUniversity, DK

2002                    Permission to practice independently as a physician.

                             National Board of Health, DK.

2006                    Ph.D., April 24th 2006, Dept. of Health Science and Technology, AalborgUniversity, DK.

2009                    Specialist Approval in Diagnostic Radiology, National Board

                             of Health, DK.


Scientific positions


2003-2005         Research Assistant, Center for Visceral Biomechanics and

                             Pain, AalborgHospital, DK.

2006-                  Affiliated researcher, post doc, Mech-Sense (former Center for Visceral Biomechanics and Pain), AalborgHospital, DK.

2009-                  Research Coordinator, Department of Radiology, AalborgHospital, DK.

2010-                  Head of Research, Department of Radiology,

                             AalborgHospital, DK.

2011-                  Associate Professor (klinisk lektor), Institute of Clinical Medicine, AarhusUniversity, DK.


Clinical and administrative positions


2000            Medical Doctor, Danish Armed Forces Health Services, Jægersborg, DK

2000                    2nd Lieutenant, Leader of Medical Platoon, The Engineering

                             Regiment, Skive, DK

2001-2010         1st Lieutenant (Reserve Officer), Danish Armed Forces

                             Health Services, Jægersborg, DK

2001-2002         Resident (rotation: surgery, internal medicine and GP),

                             Hospital Nord, Nykøbing-Thisted, DK.

2002-2003     Resident (introduction position), Department of

                             Radiology, AalborgHospital, DK

2005-2007         Resident (reservelæge), Department of Radiology,

                             AalborgHospital, DK

2007-2008         Resident (reservelæge), Department of Radiology,

                             ViborgHospital, DK

2008-2009         Specialist Registrar (1.reservelæge), Department of

                             Radiology, AalborgHospital, DK

2009-                  Staff Specialist (afdelingslæge), Department of Radiology,

                             AalborgHospital, DK




Papers published: 37 (4 reviews, first author on 16 papers). Book chapter: 1.

Citation Report: cited 295 times, h-index: 12.

Ph.D. Thesis: Frøkjær JB. Assessment of the Mechanosensory Properties in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract: Neurophysiological, Mechanical and Imaging Studies in Healthy Subjects and in Diabetic Patients [Ph.D. thesis]. Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI), AalborgUniversity; 2006. ISBN87-90562-48-8.

First author on 35 abstracts (9 oral presentations and 29 first author poster presentations).



2003-                  4 research awards and 3 awarded posters.


Current research interests


Clinical and experimental gastroenterological imaging studies; Neurophysiological brain imaging (EEG, MRI and fMRI); The gut-brain axis; Gastrointestinal pain in health and disease; Diabetic gastroenterology; Development of methods to assess the physiological and nociceptive function of the gut; Visceral motor and sensory function; Soft tissue biomechanics and remodelling; Image processing and 3-D gastrointestinal model reconstruction.

Original peer-reviewed scientific papers


1                           McMahon BP, Frøkjær JB, Drewes AM, Gregersen H. A new measurement of oesophago-gastric junction competence. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2004 Oct;16(5):543-546.



2                           Frøkjær JB, Larsen E, Steffensen E, Nielsen AH, Drewes AM. Magnetic resonance imaging of the small bowel in Crohn's disease. Scand.J Gastroenterol. 2005 Jul;40(7):832-842.

3                           Frøkjær JB, Liao D, Bergmann A, McMahon BP, Steffensen E, Drewes AM, and Gregersen H. Three-dimensional biomechanical properties of the human rectum evaluated with magnetic resonance imaging. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2005 Aug;17(4):531-40.

4                           McMahon BP, Frøkjær JB, Liao D, Kunwald P, Drewes AM, Gregersen H. A new technique for evaluating sphincter function in visceral organs: application of the functional lumen imaging probe (FLIP) for evaluation of the oesophago-gastric junction. Physiol Meas. 2005 Oct;26(5):823-36.

5                           Frøkjær JB, Andersen SD, Gale J, Arendt-Nielsen L, Gregersen H, Drewes AM. An experimental study of viscero-visceral hyperalgesia using an ultrasound-based multimodal sensory testing approach. Pain. 2005 Dec 15; 119(1-3):191-200.

6                           Liao D, Frøkjær JB, Drewes AM, Gilja OH, Hausken T, Gregersen H. Three dimensional model analysis in the gastrointestinal tract. In: Rodrigues H, et.al., editors. II International Conference on Computational Bioengineering. Lisbon: IST Press, Portugal; 2005. pp.13-23.



7                           Frøkjær JB, Andersen SD, Lundbye-Christensen S, Funch-Jensen F, Drewes AM, Gregersen H. Sensation and Distribution of Stress and Deformation in the Human Esophagus. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2006 Feb;18(2):104-114.

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13                        Frøkjær JB, Liao D, Steffensen E, Dimcevski G, Bergmann A, Drewes AM, Gregersen H. Geometrical and Mechanosensory Properties of the Sigmoid Colon evaluated with Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2007 Apr;19(4):253-62.

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